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Munira Mohamed, M.B.A
Munira Mohamed, M.B.A.

Executive Director










Munira hails from Somalia by way of North Dakota and brings over 15 years of non-profit experience to EACS.  As a proud Somali mother, her ties to our communities are unwavering.  Munira obtained her MBA with a strong emphasis in Human Resources from the University of Phoenix and her undergraduate degree from University of North Dakota.  Additionally, Munira is the co-founder of Care Center, a culturally responsive education non-profit serving refugees and immigrants from East Africa.  She has deep experience with team building, healthy group dynamics and strategies for effective collaboration across cultural difference.  She is a proven leader with a systems mind; successful in designing and managing systemic process-oriented change within organizations, while consistently looking for opportunities to better organizational efficiency.

Favorite TV Show Genre:  Reality!    Fun Fact:  Munira has seven amazing children!

Contact Munira: munira@eastafricancs.org   

Amir Noir Soulkin, M.A.

Communications & Development Manager

Amir  brings over 15 years visual communication, brand development experience to EACS.  He graduated with a Master of Arts Degree in Cultural Studies from the University of Washington Bothell.  Amir serves as Communications & Development Manager (C&D) and is charged with developing both our long term communications and organization-wide fundraising strategies. In addition to his C&D policy work, Amir is currently expanding our fundraising activities to include grassroots, community-based, individual giving campaigns, major donor cultivation and estate planning options.

Favorite Movie Genre: Sci-Fi   Fun Fact:  Amir works full-time while also pursuing at Ph.D in Leadership in Change at Antioch University.

Contact Noir: Noir@eastafricancs.org


Sarah Kaech, B.A.

Education Programs Manager

Sarah Kaech has served as our Summer Program Coordinator.  Her work ethic and resourcefulness has earned her a new, full time position as our Education Programs Manager!  In addition to assisting the Executive Director with issues of program design, implementation and evaluation, Sarah oversees the day to day operations of our K-12 education programs.  Sarah earned her Bachelor of Art Degree in Education, Communities and Organizations at the University of Washington, Seattle.   Sarah envisions a practice where education is unpretentious and effects every area of the human development.  She has  passion for working with students of color and their families.  In reflecting on why EACS — and more broadly education — matters, Sarah notes, “literacy is a fundamental requirement to advance in most areas of social and professional development.  Working with our staff and community partners to innovate literacy programs that fuse art, culture, and even math, better our kids to compete in the 21 century and beyond. Lives in service to others is the highest honor we can know.

Favorite Movie Genre: Action & Comedy  Fun Fact:  Sarah is an avid hiker!

Contact Sarah: Sarahk@eastafricancs.org



– Jon Kauffman, Operations Consultant
– Peter Schnurman, Citizenship Instructor
– Carl Shutoff,  Citizenship Instructor


We are currently recruiting College Interns for our After School program!  Interested?  Contact sarahk@eastafricancs.org