Statement Regarding the Discovery Park Incident

A terrible incident transpired Friday on our summer field trip to Discovery Park. Some of our beloved students were overwhelmed in the water and nearly drowned. Thanks to both bystander support and also the interventions of EACS staff and parents, all of the kids were rescued. Five were taken to the hospital, three have been released and two remain in the hospital, we hope that they all make a full recovery. Our primary focus right now is on supporting the children and their families — the children who nearly drowned and the children and families who witnessed and are witnessing this trauma. EACS is in touch with all of the families of our students to schedule a special community counseling session.

We ask the public, including the media, to respect the privacy of the families and give our community space to heal. Please do not post images of any of the children without their parents’ consent.

We are incredibly grateful to God, our East African community and the community at large. Thank you to the British tourists, the person on the boat, and our staff and family members who all pulled students out of the water. As a community we will heal and move forward to strengthen our water safety practices to better safeguard against such potentially lethal accidents in the future.

-From the EACS Executive Board

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