Educating the Horn: FREE College Prep Workshops

EACS offers #ETH as a college preparation workshop series that assists youth in 11th and 12th grade with the college admissions process.  Workshops are staffed by volunteers who are currently enrolled at a local college or university.

A primary goal of the series is to give East African high school aged youth the opportunity to see people from their own community going to college as a way to promote a college going culture.

The “Educating the Horn” campaign aims to encourage and assist East African youth in pursuing higher education by connecting East African youth with East African college students and professionals who can help them on their college applications. The campaign will also help with career researching, professional and self-development. The campaign hopes to increase the percentage of East African youth in higher education. In the long term, I hope this increases the number of successful East African people here, but also leads to people from the diaspora going back to East African Countries to help rebuild them.


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