Education Program Model
East African Community Services’ Education Program Delivery Model

Our board, staff, and most importantly, our community share the conviction that an effective way to close the opportunity gap and prepare our youth for college completion and fruitful careers is through our supplemental and reliable out-of-school program, a strong parental support system, and leadership development – all of which are carefully adapted to meet the needs of immigrant and refugee families and youth in King County, who grapple with the hurdles of adolescence, fraught identities, and academic underachievement.

EACS Final Edu Dev Model 2


Educational Goals and Objectives Summary

We will meet our education program objectives by providing a positive, mentor-ship based support network and by fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where K-12th grade students can find their voices without fear of stigma, prejudice, or rejection. Our administrative and education staff have assigned elementary, middle-school, and high-school program participants appropriate benchmarks and goals as they matriculate through the program’s three distinct levels.

 EACS Final Objectives Model