Our Values
At East African Community Services, our values are…


We respect and honor the dignity of every individual by honoring the voices, stories, and holistic identities of all people we serve and work with. We demonstrate respect by focusing our attention on each person, offering a supportive space, and trusting in our community’s knowledge and leadership.


A sense of community is integral to the way we operate as an organization. We are intentional about how we create safe and caring environments, build and maintain relationships, work in partnership and collaboration, and make our services accessible in neighborhoods.


Culture & Identity
The acknowledgment of culture and identity is deeply embedded in our practice. We recognize the importance of integrating all aspects of identity into who we are, what we do, and how we serve. We seek to preserve culture, while recognizing its fluidity and complexity, engage in conversations about how culture impacts individuals and systems, and offer services that respond to current community needs.


We demonstrate commitment to those we serve by helping providing assistance as needed, investing fully, and maintaining an inspiring vision for our community’s future. We are persistent in learning new strategies, working through adversity, and working in and outside of our organization to improve outcomes for our community.


We value growth because it represents our commitment to learning and outcomes. As advocates for education, we believe in the pursuit of learning in and outside of educational systems. We demonstrate growth by encouraging each other and our community to identify opportunities for development, create goals and plans, monitor progress, and celebrate achievements.