Summer Learning Prog: a story through pictures


The 4th grade classroom during instruction time.


6th grade classroom during instruction time.

making stepping stones SLP 2013

Casey’s 5th grade students make stepping stones for the Student Organic Garden

photo for SLP_border261

Kindergarden and 1st grade students pretend to be seeds, growing up into big, tall trees during a visit from Mountains to Sound Greenway.

Elizia in garden

Elizia, EACS’ Education and Volunteer Coordinator, prepares the Student Organic Garden plot in the NewHolly Pea Patch.

wading pool SLP 2013

Students at the NewHolly wading pool during enrichment time


The Pacific Science Center, which came every Wednesday, hosted a rocketship day and students made rockets. These students are making a rocket ships with pressurized water.

Kidpicks van w kids SLP 2013

During Nutrition week, PCC Natural Foods brought their “Kid Picks Van,” where kids taste different types of healthy food and rate them. Students tasted plums, strawberries, zucchini, and other fresh fruits and veggies.

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