MathCode+Robotics (MC+R)

MathCode+Robotics (MC+R)

The MathCode+Robotics is a weekly club focused on expanding student exploration in the field of STEM. EACS understands that the path towards STEM begins early and must be nurtured through the academic experience of a young person. MC+R aims to serve as an incubator for young scientific minds, helping students find their passion in the field of STEM and connect that passion to skills that will prepare them for higher education and STEM careers. As a participant in the Math Code + Robotics Program, students will attend job talks with STEM field expert, complete one STEM Group project per 10-week session and visit one STEM related site each quarter.   

MC+R is integrated into our Afterschool Program and  is offered as an accelerated weekend program for highly motivated and advanced scholars.


  • Expose students to STEM Careers at all grade levels
  • Use Project Based Learning Models to provide hands-on learning for students
  • Build comfort and aptitude for STEM related skillsets specifically around Math, Computing & Digital Literacy, Robotics and Technology
  • Increase computer and technology skills
  • Increase leadership and collaboration skills through team projects
  • Increase knowledge of science and technology related challenges and questions in the contemporary global context

Service Delivery

  • MC+R is integrated as a one-hour weekly module into our Afterschool program
  • MC+R Express Saturday Sessions are available for highly motivated youth with aspirations towards STEM Careers

Program Content

  • Mathematics, Software Coding, Robotics, Animation, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Website Construction. 

Advanced Academic Prep (AAP)

Academic, Cultural and Pre-Career programming for intellectually motivated youth.

AAP is a competitive, cohort-based, academic, leadership development and pre-career preparatory program culturally designed for highly motivated Middle School East African youth. AAP will selectively admit 30 scholars (inside of 3, 12-month cohorts of 10 scholars, in 6, 7 and 8th grades).  By focusing on six strategic growth areas (AAP Cores), AAP works to prepare East African youth for the hyper-competitive landscape of the 21st century – and beyond.