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Abdigani Idan, B.S., Athletic Director  |   Ismail Duale, B.S,  Athletic Director

Weekly Basketball Clinics

Date and Time: Thursdays and Fridays, 4:30pm to 7:00pm in Kent, Washington.
Capacity: 50 Youth  Registration Required: Yes  Waitlist Required: Yes.

Academics alone are not enough to raise healthy, responsible, and culturally rooted black boys. The purpose or EACS’ Weekly Basketball Clinics is to provide a safe, culturally rooted environment for East African youth to come together, develop discipline, physical fitness, as well as leadership and team-building skills. Representation matters. Therefore, EACS’ Basketball Clinics are also a place where our team can lead by example, modeling the kind of behavior and drive for personal betterment we desire for our children.

Culture, Representation, and Mentorship:  in addition to physical fitness, and endurance training, our widly popular Basketball Clinics create a positive and inspirational environment rooted in East African culture, identity, and values.  Every week more than 50 youth push their physical fitness limits, develop leadership skills, and learn how to collaborate with other East African youth.  

The results have been deeply transformative and prove that East African Community Services’ Academics inclusive approach to youth development is working.  While we are experiencing waiting lists for Basketball Clinics, we encourage parents interested in registering their youth to contact the Athletic Directors:

Abdigani Idan, B.S., Athletic Director  |   Ismael Duale, B.S., Athletic Director

Target Populations

13 to 18 East African males, living in King County.

  • Cost of Participation

Completely free for all participants. Registration required.

Basketball Clinic Objectives

Socio-Cultural Gains – Character-Building .
Participants will

  • Model East African cultural values of respect, humility, perseverance, and  love of family and community.
  • increase in self-worth, self-belief
  • decrease in reported behavioral challenges within one academic quarter of participation.
  • increase appreciation for East African culture, positive racial identity formation.
  • Demonstrate commitment to being on-time, and improved work-ethic,

Physical Fitness & Sports-related GainS –  Athleticism.
Participants will.

  • Learn and adhere to the rules and regulations of Basketball.
  • Become proficient in the sport of Basketball, including preparing for AAU  and other pre-professional league participation.
  • demonstrate a significant increase in cardiovascular endurance and physical fitness.
  • Make solid connections between healthy eating, body composition, physical fitness, and physical well-being.



  • Weekly Basketball Clinics: Thursdays and Fridays: up to 4.5 Hours
  • Weekend Homework Assist: Required for underperforming youth.
  • Saturday Mentorship Sessions: Encourages for all participants.


  • Annual Retreat for Registered Basketball Clinic participants
  • Monthly Sports, Games, and Movie Nights 
  •  Friday Family Fun Nights (Once-Monthly)


  • Satisfactory Academic Performance (SAP) required for all pre-college participants.
  • Satisfactory Improvement (SIB) for Youth with Reported Behavioral Issues
  • Regular Attendance at all related Basketball Clinic and Mentorship Events (85%)
  • Adherence to Basketball Clinic rules of play, community agreements.


  • Respect for others is required.
  • We are family, always. We can work out any differences through through conversation and honest engagement.
  • Basketball is a team sport. Sharing is important.  No ball-hogging, nor belittling other players. We are all at different stages of development.
  • Obey all directions from Basketball Clinic Coaches and Staff